Taking Care of Your Ceramic Basin

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Ceramic basins a natural product made with clay and water. The benefits of ceramic basins are considerable: they are extremely durable, generally resistant to scratches and abrasions, resistant to intense heat and cold, are easy to clean and completely safe to use. 

While ceramic basins are not easily damaged, they may become scratched or stained with regular use, and will need to be cared for to ensure they last a lifetime.

The following tips will help keep your ceramic basin looking brand new:

  1. Reduce risk of scratches

Although ceramic is a tough, durable material, it’s surface can still be damaged if scrubbed with abrasive cleaners or sponges. Clean ceramic basins with non-aggressive products and soft cloths or sponges. Also, keep heavier items such as hair straighteners on the counter, rather than the basin itself.

  1. Reduce risk of staining

Avoid leaving anything staining in your sink overnight. Makeup and other substances can leave permanent or hard-to-remove marks on your sink. Prevent stains by quickly removing anything that could mark your sink, and rinsing thoroughly.

  1. Clean regularly

Cleaning your basin should be performed regularly or limescale and soap stains, cosmetic residues, rust and mould may become visible and more difficult to remove.

  1. Clean with a mild detergent

For a quick and easy clean, all you need is a soft cloth or sponge and mild detergent. This will remove the majority of dirt and even certain stains. Rinse with clean water to remove all traces of the detergent.

  1. Use lemon juice or vinegar for water stains

Limescale marks can form on basins from mineral-rich hard water. Lemon juice or vinegar are simple household ingredients that can be used to remove these water stains. Not only are they cheap but they are environmentally friendly too. Rinse off the vinegar or lemon juice with clean water once you finish and dry the basin.

  1. Use baking soda for tough stains

Another natural item that is great for getting rid of stains and keeping your basin looking new is bicarbonate of soda. A paste of baking soda and water will remove tough stains from ceramic basins. And as always, rinse off the baking soda with clean water once finished.

  1. Avoid harsh chemicals

Do not use aggressive cleaning products as these will damage or even, with repeated use, destroy the ceramic. Avoid cleaners that contain harsh chemicals and never mix cleaners. Always follow the cleaning instructions and do not allow the cleaner to remain on the surface longer than necessary.

  1. Prevent mould build-up

One of the causes of a build-up of mould on your ceramic basin is excess moisture in the air. This can be prevented by running an exhaust fan when you are using the bathroom. Also, drying your basin after each use or cleaning will keep the mould away.

Using the tips above will help prolong the life of your basin so you can enjoy it for years to come!

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