Choosing the Right Basin

Choosing the Right Basin

The bathroom basin is one of the most used items in the home and therefore, needs to be functional. However, with the myriad of options available in the market, it no longer needs to be boring or basic – it can be stylish and functional, suiting your lifestyle and design style. While it can often be quite confusing to choose the right basin, the following tips are some things to consider in making the right decision.

Who will be using it

The first step to choosing a basin is to decide who will be using it and how often. This is important when considering how many basins you need, what shape and material. If you experience the 'morning rush hour', then an extra large basin or two matching basins might come in handy. A basin in your main bathroom that gets used the most, would benefit from being made from a durable material like ceramic and be deep and wide enough to help keep splashing and spills to a minimum. A powder room or guest bathroom may only need a smaller basin or might be perfect to show off a stylish and more delicate basin (which won’t be used as often).

 Space available

Not only should the space available in your bathroom be a deciding factor when it comes to choosing a basin, but so should the amount of space you need around the basin. Think about the counter top and how much space you require on either side of the basin for toiletries, as well as the ideal distance between the basin and other things in the bathroom, such as taps, mirrors, wall cabinets, etc.

If you’re looking for a basin for your main bathroom, you may want to consider a larger one. This basin space will most likely be a multi-purpose area used for washing hands, applying make-up, washing your face and cleaning teeth. Also, the size of your basin should be in line with the scale of the rest of your bathroom fixtures and fittings.

Basins also come in an array of shapes –square, rectangle, round – so choose a shape that helps you make the best use of space. For instance, some shapes will work in open spaces while others will maximise corner spaces.


Set yourself a budget when planning your bathroom and stick to it. A benefit of choosing an above counter, striking basin, is that it creates a wow factor for your bathroom at a much lower cost than expensive benchtops, taps or tiles. These are also the easiest bathroom basins to install, since they do not require tap holes or advanced plumbing to mount in place.

 Style & design

Are you going for a classic look, or perhaps something minimalist and contemporary? With the amount of basin designs out there, knowing exactly the look you're after will help you make the right choice.

Just like a beautiful bath, a basin can be a great way of creating a statement in your bathroom, and can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials and textures. If you’d like a coloured basin, consider the colour of the other fixtures (taps, tiles, countertop) in your bathroom. Do you want them to contrast or blend with each other? And what material the basin is made out of is important from a style and design point of view but also from a usability, durability and ease-of-maintenance perspective too.

Hopefully the tips above have assisted in making your decision easier, however, if you still need help with selecting a basin, please email us at  with a picture of your bathroom or bathroom concept and we can help you make a decision.

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