Custom Sourcing & Manufacturing

Eight Quarters Bellevue Large Basin

Your clients deserve a spectacular bathroom. We understand that time and budget can be a limiting factor for you and them. So, let us source basins for you so you can spend your time on your core business and together we can help your clients get their dream bathroom.

We specialise in:

- Sourcing basins that meet your customised requirements

- Sourcing directly from the manufacturer to allow you to purchase the basins at the lowest price possible and in the quickest time

- Carefully selecting the manufacturers we choose to partner with by performing ongoing inspections of factories and production processes

- Having stringent quality controls in place to ensure that all basins meet the highest standards that our customers expect

 We have a team of experts that can support you in designing, developing and sourcing custom basins. Contact us at about your project specific requirements and we will get to work!